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About Bit

I was bitten by the Travel Bug at quite an early age. Trips to the California Coast were frequent in my childhood, as were trips to the mountains of Arizona, the Ontario Province in Canada & wherever else it was that the nose of my Parents' car would point.

In 2004, I found myself turning forty in Ireland. It was a coming home sort of experience. It was as if I knew each turn before we made it. I would make three more trips over before I began helping others enjoy their own Ireland adventures.

I started my Ireland Travel advisory journey simply by helping clients pick out an itinerary, mapping their route, chose their lodgings, rent a car and set off to experience Ireland at their own pace. In 2016, that expanded to planning Group tours, both Public & Private. 

In 2020, I became a Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) with the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) and began considering how best to expand my Advisory offerings beyond the borders of Ireland & Scotland. 

As of May of this year, I have  chosen Travel Resources Group as my Host Agency. I can now broaden my Travel offerings.

I want every sojourner to love the hidden spots as much as I do. I want them to experience a journey not just race to all the "must sees' as if they were ticking off a grocer's list. Travel is better when you take the time to chat with the locals, listen to their stories and truly experience wherever it is that you have journeyed.

I love helping people create life long memories.


I am looking forward to helping my clients find their best travel experiences wherever that may take them.

What memories are you ready to build for your Treasure chests?


I am a  Tucson, Arizona native. Though I travel far and wide, gathering digital photographs and performing Western Poetry, as well as Cowboy & Celtic music, my heart, like my roots, remain deep and strong here in the Old Pueblo. Born the last of a mixed  family of six, I found my niche on horseback and on the dance floor, chasing cattle, riding horses and competing in country dance competitions, locally & regionally, in the early 1980s.

As a young girl of 16, I spoke a dream out loud. I said that I wanted to explore the world, enjoying the byways and backroads, immersing myself in local cultures and building a treasure chest of stories to share with my children's children. Along the way, I wanted to bring like minded folk along to build their own treasures chests.

Photo Credit FLANO's FOTO's ©John FLANO Flanagan

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